Association Activities


Our members travel to the "Other Washington" at least twice a year to meet with Congress and different regulatory agencies to educate and continue dialogues on issues that are most important to our local trade community.

The members are also actively involved in meetings with the local CBP Staff. We meet bi-monthly with the Chief Customs Officers at the local "CBP Trade Meetings" which include all facets of our industry for open conversation of current events.  This function is open to the public and attendance is highly encouraged. 

We also have annual question and answer sessions with the Entry Specialist Teams and Import Specialist Teams which are conducted during the lunch hour.  These meetings are a benefit offered only to our Regular Members. This gives our membership a chance to communicate with CBP on what a broker is and does as well as giving CBP the ability to present quicker and more efficient options for processing shipments.

CBIFFAWS is strong in continuing education with their members, and this year we look forward to many new seminars.

 Please see the calendar for the next great event